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Why Coaching?

Coaches make a difference.

Inspiring coaches not only help us to learn new skills and be active, but they also have a transformative and lasting impact on community life. Here's how. 

Coaches Help Us To Be Active

We all know that participating regularly in sport and physical activity makes us healthier and happier. The challenge for most of us though is establishing and sustaining a regular habit. That's where a coach comes in. 

Coaches Help Us Improve

Great coaches get to know what motivates you as an individual. They're experts at designing activities that you enjoy and help you progress, whatever your abilities. 

This continuous process gives you a sense of achievement, however big or small, which in turn builds confidence and motivates you, or your children, to continue to practice.

Coaches Help Us Connect

Coaching has the power to bring people together.  Good coaches use the vehicle or sport or physical activity to break down social differences and help us form friendships. This in turn fosters a sense of belonging to a community hub that can play a crucial role in tackling modern day issues such as loneliness, anti-social behaviour and crime.

Coaches Help Us Grow

Coaches can help instill in us a confidence, a sense of self worth and a positive attitude; qualities that will stand us in good stead - for life. 

Coaches Help Us Thrive

Being active, feeling a sense of achievement as well as a sense of belonging makes you feel positive. This means that coaching also has a positive, knock-on effect to mental well-being. 

Quite simply, inspiring coaches create the conditions for us all to thrive - in all walks of life. The real magic happens though when coaching connects entire communities. 

Coaching in the UK

It Makes Sense to Invest in Coaches

Amazing Coaching Stories

What is #GreatCoaching? 

Thinking About Starting Coaching?

Rewards of Coaching

Coaching is highly rewarding and often exhilirating. Through coaching, people:

  • see their own physical and mental well-being improve


  • experience good inner feelings and a sense of wellbeing


  • develop qualities for life - such as confidence, adaptability and leadership skills.

Is Coaching for You?

Often, people shy away from helping out with coaching because they don't feel they have the technical knowledge. But coaching is about more than technnique.

Indeed many people, without knowing it, have great coaching skills because they already use them to inspire others. For example, mums who nurture their children, managers and leaders who support teams to achieve individually and collectively and kids who comfort their friends in difficult times.

Be Inspired

Throughout my journey ... coaches have helped me across all elements of my life to ... develop and become the person I am today.

Ollie Hynd, paralympic swimming champion

Coaching Standards

We work with organisations in the sector to develop the agreed standards for coaching. Coaching standards help to ensure coaches have:

  • the right skills and knowledge to meet the wants and needs of their participants
  • the right level of qualification and insurance to coach
  • more opportunities to coach and develop.

Coaching in Schools


Our Coaching in Schools Toolkit gives step-by-step information to help Headteachers, PE Leads, coaches and coach deployers ensure that coaching in schools is both effective and sustainable. Includes a free, self-review tool to assess effectiveness and sustainability.

Coaching Plan for England

We are working with Sport England to deliver the Coaching Plan for England, which aims to cultivate a community of coaches that inspire and motivate an active nation.

The plan is a call to action for everyone in the coaching community in England to modernise how we think and talk about coaching – and a quest to find new ways to improve the quality of coaching for everybody.

Interested in the Research?

Delve into our high-quality, coaching research and analysis.

Let's Go

The #GreatCoaching Campaign

Feeling inspired by the power of coaching? Get involved and join a movement that is passionate about bringing #GreatCoaching to every community across the UK.