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We're here for the COACH

Whatever your role - coach, facilitator, instructor, leader, teacher or trainer - if you're helping people to be active and improve, we're here for you. 

We're here to help you be the best you can be.

We're here to help you connect with the people in front of you and to put their dreams, feelings, needs and well-being at the heart of your coaching.  

Our Strategic Intent

Learn more about our aspirational plans, our overarching purpose, and the path we intend to take to reach our organisational vision.

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Annual Review 2022-2023

To learn more about everything we're doing, how we are here for the coach and our work with partners, please read our Annual Review 2022-2023


Our Impact

While reaching and developing coaches is essential to our work, we do so much more behind the scenes. 

We collaborate with organisations and pool their resources to make lasting improvements to coaching in the UK - from grass-roots through to elite performance levels. We inform Government on policy that supports coaches to have a positive impact on society. And we develop learning that helps coaches support the needs and dreams of the people they coach.

Every year, with your help, we reach:

Working in Partnership

Partnerships are at the heart of everything we do.

Core to our partnership working is helping organisations develop their coaching workforces - from grass-roots through to high performance levels.

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Our Coach Learning Approach

Our Areas of Work

By 2021, we will raise the profile of coaching so that it is recognised for the wider benefits it brings to society and individuals.

This means, we'll:

  • make sure coaching is recognised not only for its value in competitive sport, but for the wider benefits of physical and mental well-being, and individual, social and economic development.
  • lead the coaching community to be a key voice within the sport and physical activity landscape.
  • celebrate coaches and coaching at all levels.

By 2021, there will be a consistent overarching approach to coaching systems that delivers a fit for purpose workforce that better reflects society.

We will support partners to recruit, develop and retain a diverse coaching workforce that better reflects society and inspires an active nation.

By 2021, coaching will be easier to get into and stay involved in.

We will create and maintain UK coaching policy, recognised standards and accessible coaching pathways.


By 2021, the coaching workforce will be participant focused.

To achieve this, we'll

  • provide high-quality learning solutions that support coaches to deliver great experiences for their participants.
  • support those who develop coaches to ensure they create positive learning experiences.

By 2021, we will be a hub of research excellence for coaching.

We will drive coaching research, develop insight and share best practice to meet the needs of coach development.

By 2021, coaches will feel better connected, more knowledgeable and confident.

We’ll create and support a coaching community for coaches.

By 2021, UK Coaching is central to the sport and physical activity landscape enabling more diversified income streams for coaching

This means, we'll:

  • maintain the highest level of corporate governance.
  • transform our organisation to deliver the highest quality of practice.
  • develop our staff continually.

By 2021, technology will enable coaches and coaching.

This mean, we'll:

  • investigate and understand how technology can better support coaching.
  • provide high quality digital learning and development solutions for coaches.

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Our Organisation

Part of a Group

UK Coaching is part of the Group that includes UK Coaching Solutions (formerly Coachwise) and 1st4sport Qualifications.

Board of Directors

Our organisation is governed by a Board of Non-Executive Directors who collectively govern and take decisions to ensure the Group fulfills it's purpose and remains sustainable. 

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We strive for high levels of transparency, accountability and integrity. Our organisation is compliant with the Code for Sports Governance

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Different ways of seeing things help us progress. We're fullly committed to ensuring diversity, equality and inclusion are at the heart of our culture.

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Currently, 50% of our board of directors are female and 25% are from ethnically diverse communities. We have a 50/50 split of male and female employees. 

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We work hard to achieve employer standards that help us to embrace different backgrounds, skills, knowledge, personalities and experience.

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Our ambassadors have amazing stories to tell. They are passionate about the transformative power of coaching and help spread the word about #GreatCoaching. 

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