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Deliver our workshops under licence

Discover the benefits of delivering our content as a Licensed Partner

News: If you're an existing partner tutor orientations for 2022/23 have been scheduled and can be booked onto. Learn more below.


Do you have your own tutor team?

Do you want to deliver UK Coaching learning products in a time and a place to suit your own learners?

Do you want to save money on developing your coaches?

Become a Licensed Partner to:

  • Save around 50% on standard workshop and online classroom fees.
  • Save on course workbooks/resources.
  • Deliver tailored content using your own tutors.
  • Deliver the content you need when your coaching community needs it.

Get in touch to learn how to become a Licensed Partner 

To meet the ever-changing needs of our coaches, UK Coaching recognises that it's not always possible to learn face-to-face, which is why we have created a series of online classrooms specifically developed for virtual delivery. As a Licensed Partner we will support you to offer a truly blended learning approach to help your people be the best possible coaches.

Our Workshops and Online Classrooms Will Help your Coaches:

Connect Better With Their Participants

Become a truly-person centred coach, understand how to connect with people to help them not only stay active but thrive.

Workshop: Coaching the Person in Front of You

Online Classroom: Knowing Your People

Promote Behaviour Change

Learn useful strategies to help people get active, and innovative nudge techniques to ensure they stay active.

Workshop: Behaviour Change Tactics

Online Classroom: Understanding Behaviour Change



Nurture Physically Confidence

Improve physical confidence in all ages and abilities to set them up for a lifetime of enjoying sport and physical activity.

Workshop: How to Coach the Fundamentals of Movement


Reinvigorate Their Approach to Coaching Children

Incorporates the latest research on essential topics that are intrinsic in the coaching of children between the ages of 5 and 12. 

Workshop: Coaching Children 5-12: The Next Generation

Online Classroom: Coaching Children 5-12

Safeguard Your Children and Young People

Raises people’s awareness of the tell-tale signs of abuse, and give them the tools and confidence needed to deal with any issues should the need ever arise in their coaching career.

Workshop: Safeguarding & Protecting Children

Online Classrsoom: Safeguarding & Protecting Children (min age 18 years)

Online Classroom: Safeguarding & Protecting Children (16-18) - for younger coaches

Supporting and Developing Individual Needs

Equips people with the confidence and skills to engage people of all abilities and health conditions more effectively in physical activity sessions and community sport.

Workshop: Inclusive Activity Programme

These are just some of the virtual or face-to-face courses you could be delivering under licence. All include supporting resources to help guide your coaches on course and support their ongoing development.

Of course, if you don’t have your own tutor workforce we can run the sessions for you it will just cost you a little more. Click here to find out more about running any of our courses using our skilled UK Coaching tutor team.

Get in touch to learn how to become a Licensed Partner

Booking Forms


We are always evolving our workshops offer. For the most up to date list of workshops available to be delivered under licence get in touch with our Coaching Support Team. Alternatively view our workshops page, click on the workshop that interests you and see if it is available to be delivered under licence in the ‘Information for Organisations’ section. 

The partner will hold the licence to run workshops but you can only use tutors who are accredited to deliver UK Coaching workshops. Should a your tutor move on, they cannot take licensed status with them, and you would need to find another suitable tutor to deliver the workshops.

No. As the tutor will be employed by you the licensed partner, it is your responsibility to ensure their work programme, payment and continuing personal development (CPD) are managed accordingly. Insurance should also be checked by the you.

The workshop delivery fee covers the administration of each workshop, digital resource (where available) and certification of your learner. It also includes ongoing product reviews and subsequent tutor reorientations.

This will be specified in the agreement, but the programme is reviewed annually. It is the responsibility of you the licensed partner to inform us of any changes; for instance, you can add newly accredited tutors to the licence agreement using the LWP Change of Details Form, supplied to you when you become a licensed partner.

No – this is a separate scheme. You are able to be both a workshop partner and licensed partner, and must be both in order to take advantage of both ways of delivering. Being one type of partner does not automatically register you on both schemes.

Of course! Provided you have access to a venue, learners and deliver the content we can accredit you to deliver, and licence you to use our content.

Yes. Please contact the UK Coaching Workshops team for more information about tutors in your area/delivering your licensed title.

The UK Coaching Workshop Booking Centre requires a minimum of 10 working days to process the paperwork and forward resources to you and the tutor. The appropriate LWP Booking Form should be completed as part of this process. If less than 10 business days’ notice is given, an added fast-track fee of £25 will be incurred.

Yes. Our development teams at UK Coaching are highly skilled in learning provision and believe that by having an opportunity for learners to write their own contextual notes in workbooks and be able to refer to them post-course provides a greater chance of remembering information.

No – this will be covered by UK Coaching, but your tutor will not be paid for their time to attend, nor will we cover travel costs to the reorientation venue.

Electronic copies can be downloaded from the UK Coaching website Tutor Zone that every accredited tutor has access to. Please ensure they check this from time to time as the most up-to-date version or workshop resources and helpful information will be posted in this section.

No. As part of our ongoing quality assurance process we will only accredit a tutor once they have proven their knowledge and skills to deliver a specific title and be signed off by a lead tutor.

Yes – but please speak to the UK Coaching Workshops team prior to doing so as we will need to put a process in place to accommodate this. For ease, we have an online evaluation process which automatically certificates your learners within two weeks of attending the course, provided they have completed the registration and evaluation online. 

We would be happy to discuss this further with you. Please contact the Coaching Support Team.

When you book your course, please ask for your course to be run as an ‘open’ course. This way we will also market the event for you through social media, out to our network of over 20,000 coaches. It is highly beneficial for coaches to learn alongside a diverse mix of coaches from other sports and environments.

You have two options. Either go to another of your tutors and let us know of the change so we can update our records accordingly; or, alternatively, if you don’t have another tutor available you can contact our Workshop Booking team and we will see if we can locate a tutor for you.

Communication with you and your tutor team is vitally important to us. Your tutor team will receive relevant updates via email. You will also be updated on separate issues pertaining to the workshops you are licensed to deliver. Please ensure we always have the most up-to-date contact details in your organisation.


Get in touch to learn how to become a Licensed Partner

Interested in Delivering Our Workshops as a Licensed Partner?