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25 Apr 2024 200

UK Coaching welcomes Sport England Active Lives Adults Survey

Sport England's newest data from the Active Lives Adult Survey indicates a long-term increase in activity levels as the nation becomes more active overall – but more needs to be done to address inequalities.

UK Coaching welcomes the news from the latest report which shows that over the last eight years two million more adults are getting active on a regular basis through sport and physical activity. 

This increase is in part a testament to the tireless efforts of coaches across the nation, who have continued to contribute immeasurably to people’s health and well-being.

In fact, UK Coaching research reveals that 90% of those who receive coaching say they have confidence and trust in their coach, underscoring the pivotal role coaches play in facilitating sport and physical activity.

The nation is engaging more with physical activity – as 63.4% of the adult population are meeting the Chief Medical Officers’ guidelines of doing 150 minutes, or more, of moderate intensity physical activity a week. 

Despite these encouraging trends, the report highlights enduring disparities, particularly among women, individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds, and ethnically diverse communities, who still lag behind in activity levels. 

Addressing these inequalities is fundamental to UK Coaching’s strategic intent, which places diversity and inclusion at its core. The organisation remains steadfastly proactive in tackling these challenges head-on, ensuring that everyone has equitable access to and opportunities for participation in sport and physical activity.

Heather Douglas, UK Coaching's Head of Coaching and Policy said:

The report shows some 29.5 million adults in England playing sport or taking part in physical activity every week. Coaches are invaluable in facilitating sport and physical activity across the nation and are helping to drive a wider pool of individuals to become active. 

“Whilst the long-term overall trends that see activity levels increasing are to be welcomed, it is imperative that we prioritise fair and equal access to sport and physical activity and tackle the existing disparities across different demographics. 

“Our vision is ‘to build a healthier and happier nation through great coaching’  and as work continues to increase activity levels further, we recognise the importance of creating a level playing field where everyone can benefit from sport and physical activity. 

“Sport England’s report remains an important reminder that we must be prioritising equal access, but also equally positive experiences for those who do take part in organised sport. Coaching has a huge role to play in creating and developing positive experiences for all, where individuals are put at the heart of delivery and supported through a holistic approach.

“On the eve of UK Coaching Week, we are proud to support and celebrate the coaches that are making a fantastic difference across communities.”

Read the full survey on Sport England's website.

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