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Supporting you to develop the right level of skills, knowledge and behaviours that you can apply to be a great coach. 

Why are qualifications important for coaches?


Considering becoming a coach? Looking to advance your career? Unsure what qualifications you need? 

In order to develop your coaching goals, you’ll need to gain a regulated coaching qualification to support you in developing the right level of skills, knowledge and behaviours that you can apply to be a great coach.  

Qualifications aren’t just a tick-box exercise, they support coaches with the skills and knowledge to give coaches the confidence to develop and nurture themselves and those around them. 

Regulated qualifications add a level of external independent scrutiny where you are awarded your qualification following a valid and reliable assessment of your skills and knowledge and demonstrated this over a period of time.

Level 1

A Level 1 qualification is important in building your coaching persona and output. They will help you to assist other coaches in delivering sport and physical activity to adults and/or Children and Young People.

Level 2

A Level 2 qualification will support you in developing and leading your own sessions and reviewing practice. You will develop stronger knowledge and experience and become a more complete coach.

Level 3

A Level 3 qualification will help you reach a high-performance / professional level. You will be equipped to lead your coaching workforce with elements that cover planning and prepping, analysis and tactics, and strength and conditioning.

Qualifications to develop your coaching

Search regulated qualifications offered by our awarding organisation 1st4sport and a variety of partners and get yourself qualified.


Interested in offering qualifications to learners?

Visit our industry specialist recognised awarding organisation to find out more about sector-specific qualifications, pathways, and a range of relevant high-performing educational services for your learners.

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