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UK Coaching, UK Deaf Sport and NDCS

Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People In Sport

Improve your coaching sessions by learning how to meet the needs of deaf participants

UK Coaching was formerly known as Sports Coach UK. We changed our name after expanding our support as an organisation. 

Developed in partnership with UK Deaf Sport and the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS), this is an interactive workshop that will help develop your communication skills so you can fully include deaf people of all ages.

Delivered by coaches who are deaf themselves, this workshop will give you the confidence to include deaf people in your sessions alongside your hearing participants. What’s more, this workshop will help you enhance your non-verbal communication skills to further enhance your day-to-day sessions.

Deaf people are missing out because not all sports clubs are deaf-friendly. Generally speaking, deaf participants will have no other physical barriers to participating in sport. Simply putting the right tools in place ensures they can participate in sport and physical activity alongside hearing people.

This workshop will give coaches hands-on experience, and the chance to improve their communication skills in different situations. This will develop their confidence and help put them in a position where they are able to support any deaf participant they encounter in their coaching career, just as much as the next player.

You will:

  • be aware of deafness and understand the barriers facing deaf people in sport
  • develop your own communication skills and be able to use them effectively in any coaching session
  • be aware of and understand the pathways for deaf sport to encourage deaf participants to aim high
  • be able to develop an action plan to include deaf people in your coaching sessions
  • be provided with information relating to health and safety implications when coaching deaf people.

You will receive a copy of Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport to guide you in your future coaching. The 36-page resource contains sections on:

  • Understanding deafness, degrees of deafness and the impact of deafness on communication
  • Hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • Barriers to participation
  • Working with a communicator/interpreter
  • Appropriate touch guidance
  • Pathways for deaf people and national and international deaf competitions
  • British finger-spelling alphabet
  • Case studies

What Coaches Think

This workshop was a fantastic experience and has increased my confidence to coach deaf people. Understanding the techniques around non-verbal communication has been invaluable and has also helped my everyday coaching sessions. Whatever sport you coach I’d recommend you attend this workshop.

Brian Ward, Level 3 Squash Coach, Fair Oak Squash Club

I found the experience invaluable. The tools and techniques I learnt have made me much more confident, should the opportunity to coach deaf or hard of hearing people arise. It really opened my mind to different aspects of coaching I hadn’t considered before. 

Clive Johnston, Ealing Squash and Fitness Club

Information for Organisations

Want to arrange this workshop for a group of 6 people or more?

If you have more than 6 people to train, we’ll come to you.

Tell us your preferred date and time and we will arrange for one of our tutors to deliver the session. We will help market the event too if you want us to.

Workshop fee £275 (for up to 25 learners) plus £4.99 per attendee (for the supporting resource).

E-mail us at [email protected] or call us on 0845-601 3054 to organise this workshop.

If you have an in-house trainer you can deliver this workshop under licence.


3-hour workshop

Number of learners

A minumum of 6 and a maximum of 25 people

Delivery methord

Theory and practical

Accompanying learning materials

A 36-page Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport booklet for each learner to take away to deepen their knowledge and refer to in their future coaching


We will do most of the hard work. We will send you the accompanying learning materials; our trainer will run the session and we will email your learners their certificates after the event. 

But here are the things you will need to do to ensure your learners have an enjoyable experience.

Book a space

A meeting room with enough space for the group to stand up and be split into smaller groups (at least 15 x 15 metres). This workshop will be delivered by tutors with hearing impairments, therefore it is important that a quiet room is provided to enable the tutor to be able to hear/effectively communicate with the delegates. Venues must be accessible for all participants, including those who may have additional needs (eg wheelchair users). Where possible, a room with WIFI connectivity would be preferable. Please supply the login and password details to the tutor, where applicable.

Communicate with your learners and take bookings

We will market the event on our site if you want us to. But you will also need to invite your people or advertise the event through your own communications. You will need to make sure it’s easy for people to book on the event and you will need to take bookings and issue booking confirmations.

Arrange equipment

Screen or laptop and data projector, flip chart, paper and pens are required. Internet access would be beneficial.


Do you have your own tutor team? Save over 60% on each workshop you deliver and take advantage of further benefits by becoming a UK Coaching Licensed Partner.

Effective Communication: Coaching Deaf People in Sport is the perfect workshop to help clubs become more inclusive. The tutor was great, very clear and good at answering people’s queries, and went at a pace everyone was comfortable with. The practical nature of the workshop really helped the coaches to understand how easy it is to open their sessions up and work with deaf young people. It was an invaluable experience for the coaches. We look forward to running more workshops in the future.

Tamsin Fudge, Run! Athletics Activator for Haringey

This was a great workshop that helped the delegates improve their communication skills immensely. As a result of attending they are now much better equipped to meet the needs of deaf people, and therefore be more inclusive in their coaching.

Mark Oliver, National Fieldwork Manager (Volunteering), StreetGames

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