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Our campaigns celebrate the transformative power of coaching and explore how #GreatCoaching can build happier and healthier communities.

6/3/2019 12:00:00 AM

Coaching Week 2019

Together, we created a movement that is committed to inspiring healthier and happier communities through #GreatCoaching.


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Make Your Pledge

If we all make a pledge, no matter how small, to develop or support #GreatCoaching, collectively, we’ll make a difference.

Pledge to join the movement that is passionate about bringing #GreatCoaching to local communities.  

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We're sharing the secrets of #GreatCoaching.

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Why Coaching?

Coaches make a difference.

Inspiring coaches not only help us to learn new skills and be active, but they also have a transformative and lasting impact on communities.

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Meet our Ambassadors

Our ambassadors have amazing stories to tell. They help spread the word about the transformative power of coaching.

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UK Coaching Awards

Honouring great coaching and celebrating the role coaching plays in helping people to thrive - as individuals, groups and communities.


#GreatCoaching Social Highlights