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Planning and Hosting Great Parents’ Meetings

Three infographics developed in partnership with Gordon MacLelland from Working with Parents in Sport on planning parents’ meetings. The infographics include key considerations when planning, a template for planning or to offer to parents and an idea for a game to use during meetings

As with all good sessions, hosting successful meetings with parents starts with a plan. Figure out who the session is for, then consider the why, when, how and what you will talk about in the meeting. Also, don’t forget that meetings are two-way! You will need to build in time for the parents and carers to share their thoughts and ideas.

Look at the infographic below. It contains some key considerations to guide your thoughts when planning a parents' meeting.

Whilst every session should be unique, it’s beneficial to always have a plan in place and consider the key messages. Use the below template to plan out your meeting, considering the order of items to be discussed and other important information. You could also offer a copy to parents so that they can make notes from the meeting.

Download the template to get started.

Gordon likes to break up his meetings with social time, sharing activities and the use of games. Have you ever thought of using a gameshow to get important messages across? Consider the example below.

Remember, people remember things better when they are attached to an emotion and story!

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