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UK Coaching Research Team

Applied Coaching Research Journal

The Applied Coaching Research Journal is aimed at everyone interested in extending their knowledge through coaching research and insights

The Applied Coaching Research Journal attempts to provide free and accessible information, exciting and inspirational new ideas and applied solutions in a digestible online format. Each volume explores a range of issues and key topics and makes recommendations for coaching practice. 

Call for Papers

UK Coaching are always on the lookout for new articles for our Applied Coaching Research Journal. 

Have you conducted some research or ran a project/intervention in one of these areas? Or do you have real life experience of the following topics? 

  • Parents/carers and coaching.
  • Learning in virtual environments.
  • Coaching through adversity. 

If so, we would love to hear from you! 

We publish articles in a range of forms, including research articles; literature reviews; thought pieces and critical reflections. 

See our submission guidance for more detail. 

Get Involved

If you are interested in submitting an article, or would like to be involved in the journal in the future (as an author, reviewer or editor), then please get in contact.

  • Parents, carers and guardians are key influencers during adolescence and are often the ones who introduce their children to sport. Getting the right relationship between a coach-parent is critical.

    We invite submissions covering:

    • the coach-parent relationship, including how to develop positive relationships and effective communication strategies
    • managing parental expectations, including the challenges and tried and tested methods for working with parents
    • how to work with overprotective or 'helicopter' parents.
  • As technology continues to evolve, more people are turning to virtual environments to provide learning or develop themselves. The coaching sector is no exception.

    We invite submissions covering:

    • getting the most out of a virtual classroom
    • experiences of transferring existing online learning
    • lessons learnt from designing online learning
    • engaging virtual audiences.
  • There are many situations where adversity may be experienced by a coach and/or the people they coach. A typical season may throw up multiple issues for a coach from within and outside the sport/activity, including team cohesion, individual issues and financial difficulties.

    We invite submissions covering:

    • creative solutions for coaching during COVID-19
    • supporting athletes through injury
    • approaches to dealing with adversity
    • the impact of adversity on well-being.

Download the submission guidance for further information on submitting articles.

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