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How do you Coach Young People when Life Changes?

The third animation in the UK Coaching and Sport England young people series shares advice on how to coach young people when life changes

Young people’s lives are full of change. If you think about what change a young person faces between the ages of 11 to 25 years it is completely transforming.  

Managing life changes or transitions is one of the main reasons why young people stop playing sport. On the flip side it can also be a time when a new sporting habit can be formed.

The changes faced might include starting or changing schools, going through puberty, changing friendship groups, getting a phone and having an online presence on social media, all the way to moving out of home, going to college, starting work or having a family.

As a coach you play a critical role in helping a young person maintain their sporting habit. As this video shows you can help young people deal with change and uncertainty by providing information, emotional support and guidance.

Read the accompanying guide for more advice on how to coaches young people as their life changes.

Then discover more in the remaining three videos and accompanying guides in the series, designed to help you develop as a coach and meet the needs of young people.

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