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Coach Well-being: Taking Time for Yourself

Available free until 23 February and then exclusive to UK Coaching Subscribers. UK Coaching’s Participation Lead Liz Burkinshaw and Coach Developer (Talent) Jenny Coady discuss the importance of prioritising coach well-being as well as participant well-being

In this recording of our Time2Learn session, Liz Burkinshaw and Jenny Coady discuss the Five Ways to Well-being and share examples of methods they’ve used to improve their well-being – both successful and unsuccessful. They also provide some practical signposting to help you find inspiration and discover what works for you.

During the session (05:10), you will be encouraged to pause the webinar to watch this video.

Ready to get started? Join Liz's conversation on ConnectedCoaches, our online community for coaches or on Twitter via @_UKCoaching #coachwellbeing

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